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28 Jul

And It Matches My Car!

This past week I joined the 21st century. I purchased a smart phone… specifically, a Blackberry Curve. And yes, I got the version with the “magnetic red” cover so it matches my car. 😆 I have to tell you that I’m really excited about this, more than any other new toy in quite a long […]

07 Jul

No, it’s not the monitor…

A few days ago I spent some time talking with tech support (one of my favorite activities). I have a *mumble* computer with two matching digital flat panel displays from the same company. At times when I boot the system one monitor (the “primary” one) would fail to start up, while the secondary monitor would. […]

30 Jun

Super Collider About To Go Online

It could have been us. I read a news article a few days ago talking about the LHC or Large Hadron Collider (see related links for wiki article) is about to go online. Most folks probably won’t remember but the US was going to build something along the same lines in the area south of […]

30 Oct

iPod Smarts

I wrote about my iPod in an earlier post. A few days ago I learned about another smart thing that Apple did when putting the unit together. If you remove the headphones, it turns itself off to conserve battery power. How smart is that? I assume that this is not true if it’s docked somewhere. […]

11 Oct

They’re going to do what? with what?

I have read some really bizarre ideas about how to combat global warming. But just the other day I heard something on the radio that was too outlandish to be true. Or so I thought. It seems that the US government (among others, including Japan) has been experimenting with ways to bury carbon dioxide instead […]

03 Oct

iPod iRRitation

I have an iPod. I love it. I use iTunes. I hate it. But at the moment I can’t be bothered to figure out how to use anything different, so I’m stuck with it. It didn’t start out as an irritation… no, that came later during one of the “automatic” upgrades. It’s all about sorting.

06 Sep

Queue Simpsons Sound Effect: “Ha-Ha”

An early morning market update said: Apple (AAPL) … slashed the price of its iPhone, barely two months after the much-hyped device first came on the market. Official Press Release at You had to know it was coming. $600, for a phone? Yeah, it had a camera. Sure, it could play music. Oh, and […]