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21 May

Garth Brooks, Led Zeppelin, And More, Oh My!

Today during my lunch break I went shopping at a local resale shop (Half Price Books to be specific). I often go in to check out the discount rack just to see what’s below even half price. Today I found out that this particular branch had their entire collection of clearance compact discs on sale […]

27 Mar

Best Tweets For Tebow to Jets

I LOL’d many times while reading this article that collects some of the best tweets related to the recent Tim Tebow trade to the New York Jets. Some of my favorites: Tim Tebow is going to send Jenn Sterger pictures of his smile A reference to the less than savory pictures rumored to have been […]

10 Jan

That Was Ugly

Did LSU show up to play last night, or did some other team sneak into town wearing purple and gold uniforms? Frankly, I’m speechless. I turned off the game in the 3rd quarter.

05 Jan

LSU Beats… Everybody?

Last night West Virginia – a team LSU beat on their home field earlier this year – destroyed Clemson in the Orange Bowl. Earlier Oregon beat Wisconsin in the Rose Bowl. Arkansas is probably favored to beat Kansas State in the Cotton Bowl, and of course LSU has already defeated Alabama once this season. If […]

08 Dec

Finally Someone To Beat The SEC?

I think this is a great quote from Stewart Mandel, columnist for Sports Illustrated, talking about the SEC versus SEC match-up in the BCS championship game: The game hasn’t even been played and the SEC has already won its sixth straight national title. Ah, but an SEC team will also lose a BCS title game, […]

04 Dec

It Was The Worst of Halves, It Was The Best of Halves

I should start off this post right away with an apology to LSU fans everywhere. You see, it was my fault that the Tigers looked so incredibly inept on offense for the entire first half of the SEC title game yesterday. I watched the game on TV, like millions of others, and like a large […]

28 Nov

LSU Heads To Atlanta, Eyes BCS Championship

I spent Friday telling everyone I met not to talk to me about the LSU game as I had recorded it to watch later. I stayed off of the Internet, didn’t read email, and never watched anything on TV that wasn’t targeted to the under 10 crowd. (Think Disney channel.) On the drive home I […]

21 Nov

Between The Numbers

LSU, Alabama, and Arkansas are rated 1-2-3 in the BCS as expected after the mayhem that took place last weekend. Who is really the best team? I though I would play with some numbers and see if there are any indications.

20 Nov

Rebels Down, Will Hogs Be Spoilers?

Three of the past four years, including the last national championship year in 2007, LSU has lost to Arkansas. They’ve found all sorts of ways to lose… a triple overtime upset when LSU was last ranked #1 in 2007, a one-point defeat in 2008, and by allowing a last-second score at the end of the […]

16 Nov

LSU Faces Backup Quarterback at Ole Miss

Ole Miss suspended their starting quarterback for the game this week against LSU, and potentially for their season ending game against Mississippi State as well. On the surface this would seem to continue a trend for LSU as they seem to get teams right at the worst time. On the other hand, there’s not much […]