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17 Aug

1963 Was A Good Year…

I have been collecting the Time Life “Classic Rock” series of compact discs these last few months. It’s a fun hobby. 🙂 I started with the 70’s and 80’s and then started extending back into the 60’s. Time Life is not much different from other “series” collectables. Once they find something that sells they will […]

28 Feb

Never Know What You Might Find…

I like to shop at discount book and record (cd) shops. Over the years I have found some interesting things. This past week, for example, I found a compact disc from Miranda Lambert that I didn’t recognize. She has three national releases that I already have, but this one was different. The copyright year was […]

24 Oct

Chickenfoot Track Free on Amazon

I happened to be looking through this morning and discovered that the track “Soap On A Rope” from the supergroup Chickenfoot is a free mp3 download right now. I don’t know how long it has been running (or will continue to run) but it’s there today. Chickenfoot – Soap On A Rope

24 Sep

Would You Buy a Used iPod From This Guy?

I have an iPod that’s about 3 years old. I love it. I have the 80gb model, and I have filled it up. Yes, it’s possible. 🙂 When I bought it Apple offered two models with capacity of 80 or 160gb. Later on when I was beginning to wish that I had the larger model, […]

16 Apr

Yes, You Can Fill Up An iPod…

Earlier this week I filled up my 80gb iPod. I had a lot of fun doing it too. 🙂 Tonight I went through and removed duplicate song titles (due to “greatest hits” albums, mostly) and recovered about 4gb of space. Time to do more shopping… I was looking at the Apple store today, thinking that […]

27 Jan

Never know what you might find…

I buy most of my music from used cd / dvd stores. Even when I am on trips I will often try to find out if there are stores nearby so I can see what they might have. Over the past few months I have had a few interesting finds. Some of them were even […]

29 Nov

iTunes Compass

I’ve had some fun looking for matches in the song data of my iTunes library for particular words. For example, which direction is the most popular? North: 4 items 13.8 minutes East: 44 items 29. hours South: 86 items 6.7 hours West: 18 items 1.3 hours Clearly the South is the place to be. 🙂 […]

24 Nov

Ripping Vinyl Part I: Plumbing (Cables)

I spent a lot of time reading about USB turntables because I wanted to be able to “rip” vinyl to my computer to load my iPod. I finally decided that since I already own a regular turntable I should try it first. The only expense would be a few cables and some time, and it […]

15 Nov

More Fun With iTunes

A few weeks ago I posted some statistics based on searches in my iTunes library for certain key words in the song data. In the first post I was looking for Love, Truth, and Honesty. I found lots of love, but not much honesty. Today I am going to look for some more words and […]

30 Oct

Looking for Love, Truth, and Honesty

iTunes is okay. It’s not great, but it’s functional. The other day I decided to have some fun and see what I could find. Literally. As in searching for certain words within the song data. When I searched for “Love” I found 627 items, or enough music to span 1.7 days of listening. That’s a […]