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23 Jun

Music Library… Now Less Filling, Still Tastes Great!

I have a fairly large collection of music compact discs. I’ve mentioned several other tools that I use to help manage my collection (including the Easy Pro disc polisher). Today I wanted to post a review about the cd storage sleeves formerly from Jazz Loft. They are attractive, reduce the amount of space required to […]

11 Jul

Delain – We Are The Others

Just got my copy of the latest release by Delain yesterday and am really enjoying it. You can preview some of the songs via YouTube, including the title track. The version I purchased from Amazon came with four live tracks added to the end including “The Gathering”, “Control the Storm”, “Shattered”, and “Sleepwalkers Dream.” It’s […]

04 Jun

It’s Alive! Apple TV, iPad, and Bose Lifestyle

I bought my first mp3 player over a decade ago. (Would you believe that it’s still being used? I have it plugged in out in my garage and use it to play tunes while I’m working on various projects.) I bought my first iPod seven or eight years ago, and I currently own an iPod […]

21 May

Garth Brooks, Led Zeppelin, And More, Oh My!

Today during my lunch break I went shopping at a local resale shop (Half Price Books to be specific). I often go in to check out the discount rack just to see what’s below even half price. Today I found out that this particular branch had their entire collection of clearance compact discs on sale […]

23 Aug

When Pigs Fly: Songs You Never Thought You’d Hear

I found this disc in the discount bin of Half Price Books the other day. It has an unusual (to say the least!) collection of songs. There is Devo doing a cover of “Ohio” by Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young. Don Ho (yes, that Don Ho) covers “Shock The Monkey” by Peter Gabriel. Herman’s Hermits […]

16 Aug

Ripping From Vinyl

Today I got a package in the mail. This package was about 12″ square but only about 1/2″ thick. What was inside? Records. As in vinyl. I really enjoy music, and one of my favorite genres is southern rock from the likes of Molly Hatchet, Outlaws, and .38 Special. I thought I had collected just […]

30 Jul

Easy Pro Update

A while back I posted an initial review of the JFJ Easy Pro disc polishing system. I’ve now had this unit for over a year and have some updates.

23 Jul

1.5 Million Suit For Distributing Music Reduced

About five years ago a woman was accused and tried in court for distributing music files over the Internet. The initial verdict came in at $62,500 per song included in the offense, for a total of $1.5MUS in liability. Needless to say, the amount made headlines at the time. But like most big money trials […]

15 Oct

JFJ Easy Pro Disc Polisher Results

A while back I posted about challenges with scratched music compact discs. Today I am going to provide visual evidence of just how well the system I bought (the JFJ Easy Pro Plus) does its job. Before Here is a picture of the before image of the compact disc I decided to use for this […]

25 Sep

Shopping With The Internet

This post should really be titled: Buy Direct and Save ! ! ! 🙄 A few days ago I picked up some music from an artist named Jordan Critz. As I am shopping used book / cd stores, I will often use my smart phone to look up prices for the same item on Amazon […]