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21 Jan

Jet Vette?

12 Feb

Museum Sinkhole

A sinkhole opened up under the National Corvette Museum. According to various news reports, several cars were consumed but the unique 1983 prototype C4 was saved. Full store on

01 Oct

C7 Quarter Mile

First Corvette C7 Drag Video

16 Sep

Vette Sells For Record 3.2MM

21 Feb

Corvette Nomad Concept Car

Someone has spent a boatload of money recreating a Corvette Nomad concept car, and it’s up for sale on eBay! They’ve written up a nice article about it on the eBay Stories web site.

20 Aug

A Little Corvette News: C7 Design Speculation Animation

17 Aug

1963 Was A Good Year…

I have been collecting the Time Life “Classic Rock” series of compact discs these last few months. It’s a fun hobby. 🙂 I started with the 70’s and 80’s and then started extending back into the 60’s. Time Life is not much different from other “series” collectables. Once they find something that sells they will […]

07 Mar

Dallas Auto Show Pictures

I went down to the Dallas Auto Show last night and snapped a few pictures I thought I might share. The show was short on exotics and/or prototype cars, which was disappointing. But they did have a beautiful selection of Corvettes on display, including a coupe and convertable Grand Sport as well as a jaw-dropping […]

05 Feb

Carrollton Police ZR1

My cub scout den went to visit our local police office and saw this: I especially like the sticker on the back: Donated by your local drug dealer 😆 And yes, it is a ZR-1. Here’s a closer shot from the back of the car.

27 Jul

Detroit Billboards

I was forwarded an email with these images in it. Supposedly they were used as billboards during a recent auto cruise in Detroit. Many of them feature my favorite car. 🙂 This is, of course, no doubt a nod to the “big block” days of the 1967 Corvette. I like this one on many levels. […]