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11 Jul

Delain – We Are The Others

Just got my copy of the latest release by Delain yesterday and am really enjoying it. You can preview some of the songs via YouTube, including the title track. The version I purchased from Amazon came with four live tracks added to the end including “The Gathering”, “Control the Storm”, “Shattered”, and “Sleepwalkers Dream.” It’s definitely worth picking up.

I was introduced to Delain as a “related artist” to Within Temptation, another European symphonic metal band that I really enjoy. The one song on their newest album that I don’t care for has a male guest vocalist; the “cookie monster” vocals don’t really work for me. I love the music with Charlotte‘s soaring vocals in front. I don’t need the grunts and growls. I get that they’re a staple of regular metal, but still not my favorite. I’ve already mentioned Within Temptation; I also enjoy Xandria (although I have not picked up their latest, I understand they have a new lead singer), Edenbridge, and Lunatica. Lunatica stuff is really hard to find… I’m still looking for a copy of their earliest effort.

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