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21 May

Garth Brooks, Led Zeppelin, And More, Oh My!

Today during my lunch break I went shopping at a local resale shop (Half Price Books to be specific). I often go in to check out the discount rack just to see what’s below even half price. Today I found out that this particular branch had their entire collection of clearance compact discs on sale for $1 each! I picked up the complete Garth Books collection (I previously had only his greatest hits), three Led Zeppelin discs, Elton John, America, Bruce Springsteen, a live Bee Gees disc (Robin Gibb passed away this weekend, so it seemed appropriate), and even a Jimmy Buffett live disc that I didn’t have yet.

I purchased 37 discs, and my total after tax was just over $34. Not a bad haul. 😎

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