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04 Dec

It Was The Worst of Halves, It Was The Best of Halves

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I should start off this post right away with an apology to LSU fans everywhere. You see, it was my fault that the Tigers looked so incredibly inept on offense for the entire first half of the SEC title game yesterday. I watched the game on TV, like millions of others, and like a large portion of those viewers I found myself wondering.

  • Was LSU indeed looking past the Bulldogs to the BCS title game?
  • Would we see Jarrett Lee starting in the second half to provide some offensive spark?
  • What was going wrong with the Tigers?
  • Or was Georgia really that good?

Georgia had even squandered a number of opportunities, including a walk-in touchdown pass that was dropped and a fairly easy interception in LSU territory that was not made. LSU did not make a first down in the entire first half, and looked even more terrible than that suggests. Only the phenomenal punting of Brad Wing and the special teams performance of Tyrann Mathieu kept the score reasonably close. It was 10-7 at the half, and it could have easily been 28 or 31 instead of ten.

Then I remembered.

For all of the big games for the Tigers this year I had worn my commemorative t-shirt from their championship season four years ago. At half-time I went upstairs, got my t-shirt out and put it on.

The rest is history. LSU scored the final 36 points in the second half and on paper the game looked like a blowout. You would never know that LSU only played the second half…

I will be sure to have my t-shirt on from the start of the game on January 9th.

It was LSU’s 9th game this season with forty or more points and pushed their average margin of victory against all comers to over twenty points. They have defeated 3 top-three teams and will face one more in their final game of the season. I heard some of the “talking heads” at ESPN suggest that this LSU team should be – if they can win the BCS title – discussed as one of the greatest teams of all time. I’m not sure I’m ready to jump on that bandwagon just yet. Ask me again in ten years. In any case, the Tigers have secured the SEC West title, and now the overall SEC championship for 2011. Next up is either Alabama (seems the most likely) or Oklahoma State.

Perfect Storm?

It has seemed for weeks that LSU and Alabama are on collision course for a rematch, and like many I am not really in favor of it. In order to avoid a rematch Oklahoma State had to do something they have not done in eight years – beat Oklahoma. They not only had to beat them, but do so in convincing fashion. And even that would not be enough as Virginia Tech and Stanford are both ranked ahead of OSU in the human polls.

Step one: The Cowboys put a serious beating on Oklahoma. I turned off the game when it was 44-3, and apparently Oklahoma got a garbage touchdown to make the final score 44-10. OSU certainly did their part.
Step two: Virginia Tech got blasted by Clemson 38-10 and didn’t look very good in the loss.
Step three: Stanford didn’t lose, but then again they didn’t play either. 🙂 Stanford’s only loss was to Oregon but their resume is actually far worse than OSU.

It is certainly conceivable that OSU will jump over both Stanford and Virginia Tech, but will they jump over Alabama?

OSU lost only one game all season. Alabama lost only one game all season. OSU lost on the road, Alabama lost at home. Both games were in overtime. The difference was that Alabama lost to the #1 team (LSU) and OSU lost to an unranked opponent (Iowa State). Instead of looking at the losses, I think folks have to look at the wins. By just about any measure I can find, OSU has a much higher strength of schedule than Alabama, which means there should be more weight for the games they have won than the one game they’ve lost.

Where does that leave us? I guess we’ll find out tonight.

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    Dave Rathbun Says:

    OSU made up ground on Alabama, but not enough to take over the #2 spot. As a result, we get LSU versus Alabama, also known as Game of the Century, Part Deux. 🙂 OSU heads to the Fiesta Bowl to take on Stanford in what looks to be one of the most entertaining (on offense, primarily, but both claim “under-rated” defenses) bowl games of the season.

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