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14 Nov

Up Next: Ole Miss

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With apologies to Arkansas, but I’m not going to overlook this week’s game against Ole Miss. Have they won an SEC game yet this year? No. Do they have a lame duck coach? Yes. Is there anyone on the planet that thinks Ole Miss will be able to defeat LSU when they host the Tigers this week? Probably not. But as the cliche says we have to play one game at a time. However I like what I have seen of Les Miles this year and I think he’ll have the team on an even keel going into Saturday’s game in Oxford. Only after they take care of business there will they start talking about the post Thanksgiving match-up against current #6 ranked Arkansas.

Oklahoma State remained undefeated at #2 after shellacking Texas Tech in the “Devil’s Game” where the final score was 66-6. You can figure out where I got the name of the game from. 😉 It makes the Texas Tech win at Oklahoma all that much more mystifying. 😕 Should Oklahoma beat Oklahoma State in the final game of their season, what does that do? I think that puts Oklahoma back into the championship game, pitting the early season #1 team against the late season #1. Somehow that bookend feeling makes sense, even if you’re an Alabama fan. Speaking of Alabama they remain #3 right behind Oklahoma State. Alabama missed more field goals but did take down Mississippi State 24-7. They have their end of season war with Auburn coming up. Interestingly enough, ‘Bama plays their game a day after LSU plays Arkansas. Should LSU trip up against the Hogs you can bet ‘Bama will have double motivation going into Auburn. First they’ll want to avenge the loss in Tuscaloosa last year. Second, they’ll want to impress the pollsters with a major victory and attempt to stake their claim on the second BCS bowl slot. I don’t envy Auburn (who just lost to Georgia by the score or 45-7) in either case.

Don’t look now, but Oregon has jumped back up into the top five after their beat-down of Stanford this weekend. I was out all weekend (cub scout camping) but recorded the Oregon/Stanford game to watch when I got home. I could not watch the entire game; Oregon made Stanford just look bad. All of the big plays that LSU stopped? Stanford got ripped by a number of plays that went for more than 50 yards. They just didn’t have the speed to compete. LSU has the brawn inside and the speed outside to contain a team like Oregon (or dare I say it Oklahoma State?) but Stanford obviously did not. As a result Stanford drops out of the national title conversation, and perhaps might not even win the PAC 12.

Suppose Oregon takes the PAC 12 championship (which should happen) and suppose West Virginia comes back to win the Big East (which could be unlikely). If LSU beats Ole Miss and Arkansas they go to the SEC title game. If they win that game (facing either Georgia or South Carolina) they’ll have an incredible resume, having won their own conference and defeated the eventual champions of two other conferences. The Oklahoma / Oklahoma State winner seems to be the obvious choice for an opponent in the title game.

Turns out that there was a lot more going on than Stanford / Oregon this weekend. TCU and Boise State have had some incredible bowl games over the years, but this year they met for the first time (if my memory is correct) as members of the same conference. TCU played on the blue turf at Boise and squeaked out a one point victory by scoring a two point conversion on their final touchdown and then watching a relatively short field goal attempt sail wide right in the final seconds of the game. It was the first home loss by Boise State after 65 consecutive victories. 😯 Boise drops to 10 (one spot behind Stanford) and remains in a good spot to get invited to a decent bowl game. However they’re probably no longer in the national championship conversation, with many stronger teams also with only one loss ranked ahead of them.

I didn’t see any of the Big 10 games this weekend, but I read several write-ups that suggest we’re looking at a Michigan State / Wisconsin rematch for their championship game. I bet Nebraska would really like a mulligan on the Northwestern game right about now. Penn State has started facing the meat of their schedule and is going to drop. One writer suggested the Lions would be good if they finish 8-4 and head to a second tier bowl game.

In the ACC Clemson remains the class of the league. Florida State who was supposed to challenge not only for the league title but for a championship bid has clawed their way back into the picture and is ranked #23 for the current week. That helps Oklahoma as well. It would be interesting to go back and re-watch the Oklahoma State / Florida State game and compare it to the LSU / ‘Bama battle. The more I think about it, the more I’m looking forward to the Bedlam game, no matter what LSU’s status is at the time.

It’s certainly shaping up to be an exciting season end!

P. S. LSU did beat Western Kentucky this weekend. I probably should at least mention that.

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