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23 Jul

1.5 Million Suit For Distributing Music Reduced

About five years ago a woman was accused and tried in court for distributing music files over the Internet. The initial verdict came in at $62,500 per song included in the offense, for a total of $1.5MUS in liability. Needless to say, the amount made headlines at the time. But like most big money trials there are appeals and various other parts of the process. The judge in the case took it upon himself to reduce the amount to about two thousand per song, which took the overall judgement down to $54,000 instead.

Needless to say, there are still appeals. The recording industry probably wanted to make a big splash with this case, and the initial verdict certainly did that. The final result will likely not have the same impact, in fact; the woman may even get out of paying anything altogether.

Thanks for taking up court time and valuable public resources on a useless trial, RIAA. 🙄

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