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25 Sep

Shopping With The Internet

This post should really be titled: Buy Direct and Save ! ! ! 🙄 A few days ago I picked up some music from an artist named Jordan Critz. As I am shopping used book / cd stores, I will often use my smart phone to look up prices for the same item on Amazon or eBay. It’s funny what I find sometimes. The disc in question was listed on eBay for $48.99 (in “very good” condition) and starting at $14.99 (also used) on Amazon. I paid a buck. 😆 When I got home, I did more research and found out that Jordan is a local artist based out of Fort Worth.

I also found out that you can order the same disc direct from the artist, for much less than $48.99.

I encountered the same situation about a year ago (right down to the local artist) when I found a used disc from Maylee Thomas. Amazon had her discs listed for exorbitant prices, and you can buy them direct from the artist on her own web site for much cheaper. Or even better, go see her live, she’s fantastic. 😎

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