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24 Sep

Would You Buy a Used iPod From This Guy?

I have an iPod that’s about 3 years old. I love it. I have the 80gb model, and I have filled it up. Yes, it’s possible. 🙂 When I bought it Apple offered two models with capacity of 80 or 160gb. Later on when I was beginning to wish that I had the larger model, they had discontinued both models and sold only a 120gb model.

Earlier this year they brought the 160gb model back in the “iPod Classic” line. As I was trying to decide whether to upgrade or not, I went to to see what the prices were. On the bottom of the page was a link offering a “trade-in” on my old iPod. After going through the process, it seems that they were willing to give me almost $100 for my used iPod. 😯

Since electronics – especially gadgets – don’t usually hold their value very well, I was a bit surprised. I went out on eBay and discovered that used 80gb iPods were in fact going for around $125-ish.

So the question becomes: would you sell your used iPod on eBay? take advantage of the trade-in value, even if it’s a bit less? Keep the old iPod to give to a friend or family member?

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