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28 Jun

Witchblade: The Complete Series

I just finished watching the complete series of Witchblade (the original from TNT, not the animated version). I did not realize it at the time, but there were two seasons. According to Wikipedia (I love that site):

The series ran for two seasons on TNT, for a total of 24 episodes (including pilot). The first episode aired June 12, 2001; the last episode aired August 26, 2002. In spite of its cancellation, Witchblade was ranked seventh in the Top 10 Basic Cable Dramas for 2002 (Multichannel News, February 24, 2003).

Now that I know that, it makes more sense as to why they had a big cliffhanger episode in the middle of the set of discs. It was the end of season one, even if it wasn’t noted as such.

Roger Daltrey – one of my favorite guest stars on the TV series “Highlander” – pulls an interesting set of roles in this show. In season one he plays a priest possessed by the devil. In the second, he reprises that role but also plays an over-the-top fortune teller. In drag. 🙂

Yancy Butler plays the lead role Detective Sara ‘Pez’ Pezzini in the series. She’s interesting enough as an actor, but it seemed that her police detective character was too poor to afford any shirts that reached all the way to her belt. She was always running around showing off her navel. 🙂 She got to play a number of different roles including a doppleganger in the next-to-last episode. I definitely thought she was a good fit for the part as it was presented on TV.

Overall I enjoyed rewatching the series on DVD, and catching the episodes that I had not seen before. There were a few weak episodes (one where a child serial killer is released from prison comes to mind, as well as the one where they run into a shrink with multiple personalities) but strong ones as well. I’ve read some other reviews on the web that lament the series cancellation, but to be honest it wasn’t a big surprise to me. During the season finale for the first season they rewound the entire sesason using a “one-time only” feature of the Witchblade. When they started over with season two, they dropped entire plot lines (the “White Bulls”, a group of corrupt cops for one) while they explored other areas. It seemed like they wanted to pull back from the mythology a bit and try different things to see what would be a hit with the fans. As a result, if you watch the series straight through (as I did) it feels like they lacked a strong direction.

There are also some great little details that would easily be missed. In the first season Pez falls in love with an Irish singer named Conchobar (played extremely well by Kim De Lury. He has a rune symbol for his band that plays an important part in the episode. In season one he dies, but he comes back in season two because of the “rewind” that took place. Even before he comes back, however, Pez is seen in an episode with his rune on a shirt that she’s wearing. I’m sure that wasn’t an accident. 🙂 At the end of season two poor Conchobar is in a coma, but at least he’s still alive. Without season three there was no way to know if they got back together or not.

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