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16 Apr

Yes, You Can Fill Up An iPod…

Earlier this week I filled up my 80gb iPod. I had a lot of fun doing it too. 🙂 Tonight I went through and removed duplicate song titles (due to “greatest hits” albums, mostly) and recovered about 4gb of space. Time to do more shopping…

I was looking at the Apple store today, thinking that at one point they had a 160gb model. It seems they’ve dropped both that and the 80gb model; the only “classic” left has a capacity of 120gb. The sales rep (the “genius”) suggested that Apple was considering phasing them out altogether in favor of solid state devices. The advantages are obvious, of course. Solid state storage requires less power (longer battery life) and is more reliable (no disk crashes). Memory is also getting much less expensive as well. I have a 4gb media card in my Blackberry that cost me next to nothing, and it takes very little space.

It will be interesting to see if Apple announces anything new in a few months. 😎

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