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09 Feb

Recruiting Success

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According to many folks who are supposed to know these things LSU had one of the top recruiting classes in the country this year. Who is nipping at their heels? None other than Nick Saban, who by most accounts had an outstanding recruiting class this year as well. LSU and Alabama both play in the SEC West, so only one of them can make it to the title game each year. After the season they had this year Ole Miss could be a team to reckon with next year. Arkansas closed the season strong but along with Auburn might still be rebuilding next season. That leaves Mississippi State bringing up the rear.

And how about the SEC East? Well, let’s see… they have Florida (two BCS titles in three years), Georgia, and several other teams that went to bowl games. Tough league.

Overall the SEC was 5-2 in bowl games this year. Considering few other conferences sent seven teams (the ACC somehow sent 10 teams and ended up 4-6 according to one page I found) that’s a good showing. Other “name” conferences like the Big 10 did not do well (1-5) and only the PAC 10 had a better winning percentage (5-0).

I hope LSU gets good play from their quarterback next year; they could be awesome. 😎

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