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09 Feb

Recruiting Success

According to many folks who are supposed to know these things LSU had one of the top recruiting classes in the country this year. Who is nipping at their heels? None other than Nick Saban, who by most accounts had an outstanding recruiting class this year as well. LSU and Alabama both play in the […]

04 Feb

Bose Quiet Comfort Headphone Issue

I have a set of Bose QC2 headphones that are like American Express: I never leave home without them. 🙂 They’ve made several trips over the Atlantic and travelled all over the US as well. On my last trip one of the earcups (the left one, if it matters) just… fell off. The plastic cracked, […]

02 Feb

One Play…

It’s not often that you can say the results of a game hinged on a single play. In this case, however; take away the 100 yard interception return at the end of the first half and the Super Bowl is a different game. Instead of a ten point lead the game is likely tied (10-10) […]