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09 Oct

Vandy Beats Auburn? Wow. LSU Looks Ahead to Florida

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LSU had the week off. Auburn apparently did too, as they lost to Vandy for the first time in a billion years or so. Vandy is 5-0 and in first place in the SEC East, and off to their best start since 1943. They have home games against Georgia and Florida looming on their schedule, but they’re a factor this year.

LSU dropped a notch in the rankings, which is fine by me. I didn’t like the fact they were up so high at this point anyway. I prefer them to stay undefeated, of course 🙂 but there are some much better teams out there that deserve to be ranked higher. LSU faces a big test this weekend as they travel to the Swamp to take on Florida. No doubt Florida is going to be really mad after losing the way they did to Mississippi last week. Bad timing for us, unfortunately. This is the first of a five-game run that will make or break the season for the Tigers. I think they can win this game; Florida has looked beatable, and Mississippi showed that it could be done.

Talking about better teams… there are plenty of teams in the Big 12 that are cranking out the points. Oklahoma faces Texas in their annual showdown in Dallas and that will go a long way towards cementing their place as number 1. I believe Oklahoma will win because Texas doesn’t have enough weapons once you get beyond their quarterback. Missouri has been demolishing opposing defenses and is a force to appreciate. There are four teams in the southern division of the Big 12 that are 5-0! Missouri stands alone at the top of the North for now, but they have to travel to Texas next week. Missouri doesn’t face Oklahoma this year unless they both get to the title game.

Big 10… I suggested a couple of weeks ago that we really didn’t know who Wisconson was. We do now, I think, as they’ve dropped their last two conference games. Penn State certainly seems to be the class of the conference but Ohio State could spoil their run later this month. As they work Pryor into the offense they’re going to become a new team… one with a much different personality than the group that got wacked by USC earlier this year. With Beanie back in the backfield and Pryor under center they’re a much better group.

The SEC has some decent but not outstanding games this week. The best matchup is probably LSU at Florida, and I will be watching that game as it’s on CBS at 8:00 my local time. Vandy plays at Mississippi State and needs to watch out for a letdown after their historic win over Auburn. South Carolina faces Kentucky, who nearly gave Alabama a scare. Alabama gets to sit back and watch the other games and prepare for their next big game… November 8th at LSU. 🙂

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