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28 Sep

Gators and Dogs Fall, Bama Rolls, LSU Manages

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This is the type of weekend that makes fans and coaches alike crazy. Four top teams lost to unranked opponents. That included Florida who was at home against what was supposed to be an overmatched Mississippi team. Apparently someone forgot to mention that to the Rebels because they pulled ahead in the fourth quarter and then blocked a Florida extra point that would have tied the game. The final score stood 31-30.

It wasn’t just the SEC that saw upsets like this. Clemson lost to Maryland, Wake Forest lost to Navy. The ACC is in shambles this year. It could be that Clemson drops out of the top 25 altogether, but Wake should hold on in the second tier at least until next week. I feel sorry for the Orange Bowl at this point.

One of the most anticipated games – especially after USC lost – was Alabama visiting Georgia. Alabama has looked awesome; they started the season blowing out a top-ten ranked Clemson (who will likely drop again after they lost this weekend). Alabama also destroyed Arkansas on the road (but Arkansas had lost by a double-digit margin to Texas earlier in the day). Just how good was Alabama?

Good enough to run out to a 31-0 lead in the first half. 😯

I was hoping Georgia would beat Alabama, as that’s better for LSU in the longer run. LSU faces both teams in the coming weeks, but Alabama is in the same division so losses to division opponents hurt worse that general SEC losses. But it wasn’t to be. Georgia seemed to discover life in the fourth quarter, and in fact outscored Alabama 30-10 in the second half, but it wasn’t nearly enough to take the victory.

One team that did manage a major comeback was Michigan facing top-ten Wisconson. Wisconson drops their first game of the season and faces a resurgent Ohio State next week. Penn State took care of Illinois.

In the Big 12 Oklahoma steamrolled ranked TCU 35-10 and made their case for #1, and that’s where I think they’ll be when the next poll is released. Texas creamed Arkansas. Missouri didn’t play but could move up due to losses by Florida and Georgia. Despite living in Texas I just can’t get excited about Big 12 football.

The SEC is certainly going to show some changes. Vanderbilt 😯 is ranked and in first place in the SEC East. Georgia and Florida each have one loss and share second place; both will drop out of the top five, although I don’t expect Georgia to drop out of the top ten. They made a great comeback attempt in the fourth quarter and they played a very good Alabama team. Florida could drop to 11 or 12 after losing to unranked Mississippi at home. ‘Bama will certainly move up into the top five, but will they leapfrog LSU? LSU won the game but was hardly impressive, and despite Lee’s performance in his first start at QB they still have some questions to answer. Auburn took care of Tennessee.

The SEC started this week with four teams having single digit rankings (Georgia #3, Florida #4, LSU #5, ‘Bama #8) and looks to lose at least one of those this week. USC will likely drop out of the top ten, as will Wisconson. Who will take their places?

Oklahoma is likely to be #1. USC is out, Georgia and Florida both lost, does that put LSU at #2? I hope not, because I don’t think they deserve it yet. On the other hand, Missouri opened against Illinois but hasn’t played anyone else of consequence. Texas has yet to play a ranked opponent and the Red River Shootout is looming on the horizon. LSU beat Auburn on their home field and has won the games they’ve been expected to win. But I don’t think that qualifies them for the #2 spot in the country.

Not yet. Check back in a few weeks after they’ve managed to get through the toughest part of their schedule.

Oct 11 – At Florida
Oct 18 – At South Carolina
Oct 25 – Home versus Georgia
Nov 08 – Home versus Alabama

If they can win three of those four games they’re going to be in great shape heading into the closing games of the season.

One Response to “Gators and Dogs Fall, Bama Rolls, LSU Manages”

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    Dave Rathbun Says:

    So in fact Alabama did leapfrog LSU into the #2 spot and garnered some first place votes along the way, at least in the AP poll. The USA Today coach’s poll has LSU #2. I don’t think we deserve that ranking, at least not yet. Georgia did fall to #11 when I didn’t expect them to drop out of the top ten. (They’re #10 in the coach’s poll.)

    Oklahoma is #1 in both polls, which is not surprising at all.

    LSU has an open date next week which gives them time to rest and recover before going into the toughest part of their schedule. At Florida, at South Carolina, home against Georgia. They take a break against traditional opponent Tulane and then return to SEC action against Alabama. They need to win four of those five games. It’s going to be tough.

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