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30 Apr

NFL Draft is Over (Ho-hum)

I have to say I didn’t get very excited about the NFL draft this year. In fact I didn’t even watch it, and can’t tell you any of the Cowboy’s draft picks. I’m not sure I’m supposed to admit that, since I live in Dallas, but that’s the way it is.

15 Apr

Who’s Number One?

I read an interesting article the other day that was speculating about what the Miami Dolphins might do with their number one pick in the upcoming NFL draft. The article suggest that they might just pass. As in, not make a pick. Interesting thought, I thought. 🙂

09 Apr

Pull Plug and Wait Fifteen Seconds…

We have cable internet, or we do most of the time. Every now and then, about five or six weeks apart, our internet goes out. TV still works, but cable internet is out. The first few times this happened I called our cable provider and they asked me to unplug the cable modem for about […]

07 Apr

LSU QB Off Suspension

He’s in, no he’s out, no he’s in again. 😆 I’m talking about Ryan Perrilloux, part-time starting QB for the LSU Tigers football team last year. According to this article he is off of suspension but not yet practicing with the team. This is the third suspension for Ryan. The first was because he tried […]

04 Apr

Copper at $3.50 a Pound Leads to Housing Troubles

In this post on another site the author talks about houses being broken into and having their plumbing stolen. For the copper. 😯 The US Mint got a law passed that says it’s illegal to melt down pennies. According to that second article, the metal in a penny was worth about 1.12 cents, and a […]

02 Apr

NCAA #1 Seeds Rule

For the first time in the history of the tournament (and of course I am talking about the March Madness NCAA College Basketball tournament) all four #1 seeds advanced. This after we had one of the must bizarre NCAA College Football seasons ever. 🙂 I saw several blog posts making fun of Clark Kellog for […]