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Archive for February, 2008

29 Feb

New Speed Record

A new speed record was set: a production car with a documented top speed of over 250 miles per hour. Who did it? A Shelby. 🙂 No, not that Shelby, a different one. There is an article with plenty of detail here, and pictures from the Business Week magazine here. It’s slick looking, and slicker […]

24 Feb

Are you the one with the big truck?

A few days ago my two boys and I were eating lunch at MacDonalds. We were sitting in the play area when a group of three other guys came up to the table and asked, “Are you the owner of the Mega Cab truck in the parking lot?” As it turns out, I was. They […]

15 Feb

Move over James Bond, sQuba is here

It’s a car that you can drive. What’s unique about that? Well, you can drive it underwater. Here’s a link to a video… anyone surprised by the pseudo-Bond feel to the background music? 😉

13 Feb

Spring Must Be Just Around the Corner…

… my SI Swimsuit Edition was just delivered. 😀 It’s different this year. There is a section for NFL Cheerleaders, and one section where the women don’t have on suits… they have on paint. Just paint. 😯 If you are not a subscriber and don’t want to purchase the magazine there are plenty of pictures […]

05 Feb

What a “super” bowl!

For once the game was better than the commercials. 🙂 The defining play for this Super Bowl is almost certain to be Eli Manning escaping from a sack, spinning out of the pocket, and heaving the ball downfield where it was caught for a first down. David Tyree leaped up high enough to snare the […]

04 Feb

Well, at least that question got answered…

My sister got to hear Alan Parsons speak at the college where she works. Apparently it was an excellent talk, and he did clear up one very important question that has circulated for years. Here’s a few lines from our IM conversation: My Sister: He was well spoken. We left, though, when the question and […]

01 Feb

Randy Moss – Love Him or Hate Him, He Produces

I read an interesting blog post the other day on – of all things – a game review site. The guy was posting about players in the Madden NFL game available on the XBox 360 and other platforms. He had a really interesting point, and that was that there was exactly one player in common […]