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Archive for December, 2007

29 Dec

You just never can tell…

… what folks will be interested in on eBay. 🙂 Some years back I purchased a kit of PIAA 1100X driving lights for installation on my car. It was the “thing to do” back then, as the PIAA lights were much stronger than the standard fog lights. I ordered the kit, looked at all of […]

11 Dec

Wokka Wokka

I have never owned a game console. Not ever. I had friends or relatives that had games. I even remember someone with a very early copy of “Pong” and I was fascinated by it. But instead of buying a console and playing at home I tended to go to video arcades and drop in bunches […]

09 Dec

Superman Wears Tim Tebow Underwear

I can believe it. 🙂 After an amazing season Tim Tebow is the first sophomore to win the Heisman as college football’s best athelete. No arguments from me. He broke the record for rushing touchdowns in a seaon, and he’s a quarterback. Nobody has ever rushed and passed for 20 touchdowns in the same season […]

02 Dec

What a Wild Finish!

So it seems that LSU, who is undefeated in regulation play (as Les Miles said the other day) but has two losses in triple overtime, will be playing for the national championship afterall. After an amazing season that saw a record number of top five teams go down to unranked opponents (I think they just […]