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Archive for October, 2007

31 Oct

“Long Road Out of Eden”

The Eagles have released a new studio album. In a move that follows a trend from several major artists they are releasing the album (a two disc set) exclusively at Wal*Mart. No major label, no big contracts, and therefore no fees to pay. The album has 20 songs on two discs and is selling for […]

30 Oct

iPod Smarts

I wrote about my iPod in an earlier post. A few days ago I learned about another smart thing that Apple did when putting the unit together. If you remove the headphones, it turns itself off to conserve battery power. How smart is that? I assume that this is not true if it’s docked somewhere. […]

26 Oct

Doug Flutie is Back

Last night Boston College pulled off an improbable comeback victory over Virginia Tech. With less than 3 minutes to go VT was leading the game 10-0. BC managed to score a touchdown with 2:11 left on the clock. They recovered the kickoff and scored again with only seconds left on the clock to win 14-10 […]

24 Oct

Corvette… An Economy Car?

I enjoy taking people to lunch in my car. When they get in I ask if they want a ride to lunch, or if they want “A Ride 😯 ” to lunch. 😆 I don’t want to scare someone. Unless they ask for it. 😈 One of the best parts of the “ride” is when […]

22 Oct

Tigers Beat Tigers on Last Second Touchdown

That would be LSU beating Auburn for those that are curious. 🙂 It was a game that certainly lived up to its advance billing. Auburn played extremely well in a tough environment. LSU played well enough to win in the end. Now if LSU can take out Alabama next week we’ll be in excellent shape […]

19 Oct

Got a Wave

It has been a while, but I got a Corvette Wave from a C6 on the way in to work this morning. Very cool. 8)

17 Oct

Can You Float A Planet?

It seems the answer is “Yes.” Not too long ago planet searchers have discovered something they gave the unlikely name of TrES-4. This planet is a gas giant like Jupiter. In fact it has five times the volume of our nearby neighbor. However the mass (as determined by the planet’s interaction with its sun) has […]

14 Oct

Saw This Coming… LSU Loses to UK in Triple Overtime

Not too long ago I called the away game at Kentucky as one of the bigger tests of the LSU Tigers this season. It appears that not only was it a test, it was a decent mid-term exam. The Tigers didn’t exactly fail (even with the loss) but they did show they have some work […]

11 Oct

They’re going to do what? with what?

I have read some really bizarre ideas about how to combat global warming. But just the other day I heard something on the radio that was too outlandish to be true. Or so I thought. It seems that the US government (among others, including Japan) has been experimenting with ways to bury carbon dioxide instead […]

08 Oct

What A Game! LSU 28 Florida 24

I think we finally learned something about this LSU team. They can play as #1 (first time in decades). They can beat a good team. They can come from behind. According to the AP poll they are a unanimous choice for #1. But are they capable of running the table at this point?