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16 Sep

Winning Ugly Is Still Winning

LSU Logo I wasn’t a believer in our new QB after the Miami game. Yes, he protected the ball. Yes, he managed the game. But he didn’t really have the “wow factor” that I was hoping for. Then he only managed to complete 50% of his passes against the weaker opposition in the next game against Southeaster Louisiana. 10 of 20 is respectable, maybe. But you don’t with the SEC West with respect points, you win it with, well, wins.

I was out this weekend on a camping trip with limited access to the real world. I was able to get an early score (10-7, LSU up) and then halftime (14-10, Auburn up). It wasn’t until much later Saturday evening that I was able to check to see the final (what? 22-21, LSU won?) and even later than that before I had an opportunity to read about how the game played out. What did I see? Burrow was under 50% completions, but no turnovers. Our new kicker was 3/4 but iced the game when it counted late in the fourth.

LSU is currently 99th in FBS for total offense, 43rd in total defense, but 6th in turnover margin. If you can avoid mistakes while taking advantage of the mistakes your opponent makes, you can win games with under 50% completion rates.

So here we are at #6 in the polls. We have games coming up against Louisiana Tech (should be winnable), Mississippi (who just gave up a gazillion points to Alabama) and then Florida (who finally figured out a way to lose to Kentucky). The Florida game is in The Swamp which is always a challenge. But if the Tigers can navigate those three games, it sets up a huge run with Georgia coming to Baton Rouge, the always dangerous away game at Mississippi State, and – you knew this was coming – the annual Nick Saban Grudge Match which this year is in Death Valley.

Just a walk in the park, right? Hope you’re up for it Joe Burrow and Cole Tracy! This is where you earn your stripes.

02 Sep

LSU Wins, Maybe Finds a QB

LSU Logo I wasn’t initially impressed with the showing from LSU. Even after they went up 10-3 on the long run by Broussard, it didn’t feel like a game they were going to win. But much like the last time they were the underdog in a season opener in Jerry World, they eventually prevailed. I thought Miami was initially just going to roll over, but they showed some mental toughness in the second half. I think the exposed some of the younger LSU players for, well, being young and inexperienced. They’ll have to grow up fast in the SEC.

I was mostly impressed with our transfer QB. I’m going to withhold final judgement until I’ve seen another couple of games, but he seemed good at hitting open receivers (and there were a lot of open receivers) but he also was able to put the ball into tight spots on occasion. Most importantly, he didn’t get taken advantage of. There was one nearly certain interception that would have been reversed on a “roughing the passer” call, but other than that he played well.

Until they mentioned it during the telecast I had no idea that LSU had tied a record for fewest turnovers in a season (eight) last year. They started out well with zero tonight.

Next up for LSU is a “directional school” who they really should beat. Then again, they should have beat Troy last year, so let’s not count our victories before the final gun sounds, shall we?

Geaux Tigers!

15 Aug

LSU 2018 College Football Season Opener

LSU LogoLSU faces Miami in the season opener for both teams. LSU has played in the Cowboy’s stadium for openers before, beating Oregon soundly a few years back. (They were scheduled to play their opening game in Houston last year but the game was moved to New Orleans due to hurricane issues.)

Miami was fantastic last year. They opened 10-0 and the “Turnover Chain” got lots of screen time. They stumbled at the end, losing to Pitt in their season final, losing to Clemson in the ACC Championship game, and losing to Wisconsin in their bowl game. They have opened the season as a top-ten team.

Meanwhile LSU had a good (not great) year in 2017, finishing with a 9-4 record and playing in what was certainly one of the more exciting bowl games, losing to Notre Dame. They are ranked #24 to begin the season, but have more questions than answers at this point. Mostly at QB, which is not new for them. 😕 With two players at that position tranfering out (and one coming in from Ohio State) the uncertainty continues!

04 Aug

End of an Era

The Sunset Vette is gone. 🙁

A few years ago (yes, it has been that long, I’ve been trying to decide what to do with this blog) I was negotiating to buy a new truck. My old truck was mechanically sound; the diesel engine they put in the Dodge trucks is amazing. But I was having electrical problems. Little things like the right tail light would burn out frequently. Bigger things like the connection for one of the trailers I wanted to be able to pull would not work; no lights, no brakes, nothing. Annoying but also sometimes funny things like when I would hit a bump or turn the steering wheel to make a turn my radio would change stations. 😆 Anyway, despite there being plenty of life left in the drive train I decided to take advantage of a special offer presented by my dealer.

Side note: I have two sons. One of them was just starting to learn to drive at this same time.

Long story short, I traded in my old truck and my car on my new truck, partially to get the cash outlay down to a more manageable amount, but mostly to avoid having to carry two teenage boys on my car insurance with a Corvette in the garage. 😯

All this means I have been Vette-less for about two years.

But the blog will continue, for anyone out there listening. We’ll see what happens.

21 Jan

Jet Vette?

12 Mar

Fuel System Repair Update

I have been driving a 2014 Impala for the past week while my car gets fixed. It’s a nice car, but you would not expect a new car to have issues, right? Well, so far I have discovered that the air conditioner doesn’t work (we had two days in the near 80’s this week) and the electronic entertainment system (My Link) doesn’t like my iPod. It’s probably because it has over 35,000 songs. 😯

Hopefully I get my car back tomorrow.

Hopefully I won’t have to take out a small loan to pay for it.

07 Mar

Corvette Fuel System Issue

For some time now, I have noticed a significant issue with fuel odor after filling the tank. It was especially noticeable in the early morning after the car had been shut in the garage overnight. Yesterday I got my car inspected (making it legal to drive again) and this morning I dropped it off at the shop. I just got “the call” with the results.

There is a crack in the cross-over tube between the two tanks. Because the fuel system is kept pressurized, when the tanks were both full that meant that fuel was basically leaking out inside the car and then evaporating. That’s not the only news. While I was waiting for the shuttle van to take me to work, the service tech came over to me and asked if I had checked my tires lately. Well, no, because I had less than 5,000 miles on them. It turns out that my front-end alignment was completely out of wack, and the passenger tire was bald on the inside and the driver tire was down to fibers showing.

So here I was, driving to work on one bald tire and one with fibers showing, with gas fumes collecting behind the seat. 😯 Not a fun place to be. I’m fortunate that the two issues are both being fixed, and that nobody got hurt.


I did find this article that details the Corvette fuel system. It’s an interesting read. I knew there were two tanks, but seeing the actual system diagrams was interesting.

12 Feb

Museum Sinkhole

A sinkhole opened up under the National Corvette Museum. According to various news reports, several cars were consumed but the unique 1983 prototype C4 was saved.

Full store on

01 Oct

C7 Quarter Mile

First Corvette C7 Drag Video

16 Sep

Vette Sells For Record 3.2MM