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Introducing the Sunset Vette

Welcome to my web homage to an American Icon: the Chevrolet Corvette. I hope you enjoy my site, and perhaps find something interesting, useful, or just plain entertaining.

This site was first built after I bought a brand new 2001 magnetic red Corvette. I put together a number of pages showing “mods” or modifications that I made to my car. Believe it or not, the page that got the most hits (and the most comments) was the page that showed how to install the C5 cargo net. 🙂 I had a few moments of confusion when I installed it, and it seems that many other folks had the same issue.

Several years ago (2004) I started my first blog. I really enjoyed the blog format, but realized that since I have such a wide range of interests it would be difficult to put everything on one. So I have started a new blog, about one a year, ever since. I think I am done now. 😆 This site is one of the first web sites that I started, and now the last that I will be converting to the blog format. I will be rewriting all of my original articles as blog posts.

While I am working on those, I will continue to post new material as well. Using the blog format makes it so much easier to manage a dynamic web site.

WordPress rules. 8)

If you want to see some of my other blogs you can check them out using the following links. Welcome to the Sunset Vette blog.

  • phpBB Doctor
    This site is more technical in nature as I write technical articles about working with WordPress and phpBB, two extremely popular open source php/MySQL applications. The name comes from one of the applications that I write about (phpBB) along with my initials (DR).
    This site relates primarily to my career as a database consultant working with the products from a company named Business Objects.
    This site is where I post about photography, web design, and other creative things that I’m involved in.

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