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04 Nov

35,700 Miles and Counting

Today on the way to work I rolled over 35,700 miles on the odometer on my car. I purchased it in September of 2000. Either years later, I have clocked in an average of about 4,500 miles a year. It’s not a “garage queen” either. If you saw the car a few weeks ago (with […]

15 Aug

Cell Phone Faux Pas

AOL-Mobile published an article recently where they talked about their 11 worst cell phone offenses. 😆 I had to click, just to see how many of them I do myself.

11 Aug

Spring Fixed

A while back I posted about a spring that broke on my car. In that post I suggested that I might consider replacing it myself. As it turned out, I went ahead and took my car to the dealer. They replaced the spring, performed the state inspection, and cleaned (washed) the car. The extra fees […]

31 Jul


That’s the sound I heard the other day when pulling out of the driveway to head to work. Not long after I heard something fall on the floor of my car by my feet, over by the clutch. My first thought was that the clutch spring had broken, so I pumped the clutch a few […]

04 Jul

How To Buy a Corvette for $10K

I tell people that I only paid about $10K for my Corvette, and as you can imagine that gets some interesting looks. The follow-up question is generally along the lines of, “How can I do that too?” Here’s how. 🙂 You find a stock like Oracle. Buy and sell at the points marked. Take your […]

03 Jul

Another Take on Tolkien

The fun starts here. Enjoy. 8)

26 Jun

Still Using Premium Gasoline?

With a diesel truck there’s not much of a choice as far as which fuel to get. A Corvette engine, on the other hand, is tuned for 93 octane gasoline but there are other options available. I’m still putting 93 in mine, but from what I understand the computers in the C5 engine will change […]

07 Jun

Fuel Options

I work in the IT industry, and one of the columns that I used to read was the “Robert X. Cringley” column in the back of Infoworld. One of the “Roberts” that used to write that column now has a blog, and he often posts interesting information. Like the column I read today: It’s the […]

27 May

Corvette Sited in Berlin, Germany

Last week I was in Berlin, Germany for a conference. I had some extra time that I used to wander around downtown or visit various areas that I could get to by train. As I was walking through one downtown area I happened to see a black C6 Corvette driving by. Felt like a touch […]

15 May

Cleaning Your Car

I read an article recently on AOL’s service that contained car cleaning tips from the owner of McGuires cleaning products. It was a decent article. It contained some real tips and not just plugs for McGuire’s stuff. (For the record I don’t use them anyway, I use Zaino, or used to when I still had […]