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12 Mar

Fuel System Repair Update

I have been driving a 2014 Impala for the past week while my car gets fixed. It’s a nice car, but you would not expect a new car to have issues, right? Well, so far I have discovered that the air conditioner doesn’t work (we had two days in the near 80’s this week) and [...]

07 Mar

Corvette Fuel System Issue

For some time now, I have noticed a significant issue with fuel odor after filling the tank. It was especially noticeable in the early morning after the car had been shut in the garage overnight. Yesterday I got my car inspected (making it legal to drive again) and this morning I dropped it off at [...]

05 Aug

Sunset Vette Ten Year Anniversary

Here we are, passing through the summer of 2011, and my car is now ten years old. I first discovered during the summer of 2000 when my wife decided to let me start shopping for my first real Corvette. Two significant events came out of that exposure. The first, of course, is that I [...]

15 Jul

Build your own engine for $5,800…

Here’s a video clip showing the build process for the LS9 Corvette engine. It seems that for an extra $5,800 you can go to Detroit and build your own engine! How cool would that be?

26 May

40,000 Miles…

Just rolled over that milestone (heh, pun) this past weekend. I got my car in the fall of 2000 so it’s over ten years old. I’ve replaced both headlight actuator motors but other than that have not had any major mechanical issues.
And it’s still a blast to drive.

01 Aug

Going To Law School? Probably Not…

A few weeks ago I posted about getting a ticket for an expired inspection sticker. I had my court date this week. Since I had the paperwork from the car dealer that showed they were supposed to replace the registration sticker when they inspected the car, and also showed the paperwork that provided proof that [...]

09 Jul

I wasn’t out of date…

On July 4th I got pulled over for an expired inspection sticker. That surprised me a bit, because I had not realized it was out. Well, it should not have been. I got my car inspected at the Chevy dealer and it turns out the didn’t put the new sticker on! I just [...]

04 Jul

Got Pulled Over Today…

… for an expired inspection sticker. While I was sitting on the side of the road with a trooper behind me, another red Corvette drove by and gave me a sympathy wave.

04 Nov

35,700 Miles and Counting

Today on the way to work I rolled over 35,700 miles on the odometer on my car. I purchased it in September of 2000. Either years later, I have clocked in an average of about 4,500 miles a year. It’s not a “garage queen” either. If you saw the car a few weeks ago (with [...]

15 Aug

Cell Phone Faux Pas

AOL-Mobile published an article recently where they talked about their 11 worst cell phone offenses. I had to click, just to see how many of them I do myself.