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16 Sep

Winning Ugly Is Still Winning

I wasn’t a believer in our new QB after the Miami game. Yes, he protected the ball. Yes, he managed the game. But he didn’t really have the “wow factor” that I was hoping for. Then he only managed to complete 50% of his passes against the weaker opposition in the next game against Southeaster […]

02 Sep

LSU Wins, Maybe Finds a QB

I wasn’t initially impressed with the showing from LSU. Even after they went up 10-3 on the long run by Broussard, it didn’t feel like a game they were going to win. But much like the last time they were the underdog in a season opener in Jerry World, they eventually prevailed. I thought Miami […]

01 Sep

Brad Wing For Heisman!

Sports Illustrated Article: Non-traditional Heisman Watch Includes Brad Wing (LSU punter) as well as Barrett Jones from Alabama and Jadeveon Clowney, defensive end from South Carolina. 😎

31 Aug

Vandy Wins The “Could Of” Battle But Loses The Game…

The SEC kicked off football with an exciting game last night as South Carolina traveled to Tennessee to take on Vandy. The game went back and forth with a ton of exciting plays as Marcus Lattimore fumbled on his first carry, but Vandy gave the ball back on an interception soon after. USC went ahead […]

11 Aug

Honey Badger Dug Himself Into A Hole…

Seems that Tyrann Mathieu will not be suiting up for the LSU Tigers this coming season. For reasons as yet unspecified, Les Miles has released him from the team, and he will no doubt be taking his talents to some other school. From what I’ve read he can’t transfer to another division I school and […]

01 Aug

Bolden Stats Not Impressive…

Bolden’s statistics are not that impressive. I would prefer to have a transfer with more passing skills. It seems that Bolden’s numbers dropped in the second year of his career, rather than progressing. Maybe he’ll do fine, or maybe he’ll turn out to be another “game manager” which isn’t really what I’m hoping for this […]

01 Aug

Off Season Acquisition?

Penn State quarterback Rob Bolden is transferring to LSU. I haven’t had time to look up his stats yet, so I don’t know what sort of talent he brings to Baton Rouge. However he has at least been a starter, which is something the rest of the current quarterbacks cannot say. Source from here.

27 Mar

Best Tweets For Tebow to Jets

I LOL’d many times while reading this article that collects some of the best tweets related to the recent Tim Tebow trade to the New York Jets. Some of my favorites: Tim Tebow is going to send Jenn Sterger pictures of his smile A reference to the less than savory pictures rumored to have been […]

10 Jan

That Was Ugly

Did LSU show up to play last night, or did some other team sneak into town wearing purple and gold uniforms? Frankly, I’m speechless. I turned off the game in the 3rd quarter.

05 Jan

LSU Beats… Everybody?

Last night West Virginia – a team LSU beat on their home field earlier this year – destroyed Clemson in the Orange Bowl. Earlier Oregon beat Wisconsin in the Rose Bowl. Arkansas is probably favored to beat Kansas State in the Cotton Bowl, and of course LSU has already defeated Alabama once this season. If […]