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30 Jul

Easy Pro Update

A while back I posted an initial review of the JFJ Easy Pro disc polishing system. I’ve now had this unit for over a year and have some updates.

14 Jul

Burn Notice Season 1 – Get It, Watch It, Have Fun

I read a review somewhere online that described this TV series as a combination of “Rockford Files” and “McGyver” and decided I had to get it. 😆 It’s really quite good. I’ve watched about half of season one so far and am really enjoying it. For what it’s worth, I found it on sale at […]

28 Jun

Witchblade: The Complete Series

I just finished watching the complete series of Witchblade (the original from TNT, not the animated version). I did not realize it at the time, but there were two seasons. According to Wikipedia (I love that site): The series ran for two seasons on TNT, for a total of 24 episodes (including pilot). The first […]

17 Dec

Movie Opinions: Dark Knight, Wanted, Quantum of Solace

I picked up “The Dark Knight” when it was released on DVD. Based on the rave reviews and ticket sales and everything else I was prepared to be blown away. Over the past few weeks I have also picked up “Hancock” and “Wanted” as well, neither of which got written up like Batman did. On […]

09 Jul

Another Whedon Musical!

I had to share this. Joss Whedon (creator of Buffy, Angel, and Firefly) is going to release a new musical… online! If you are a Buffy fan and remember the musical number (from season 4, I think) then you have to see this. It looks great… they have Neil Patrick Harris as the mad scientist, […]

23 Mar

I said, Don’t Talk Back to… oh, Never Mind

A few days ago I posted a YouTube link to a child talking about Star Wars. It’s cute. And then I found this, which is a parody of the same video. 😆 Note: watch the cups. 😉

20 Mar

Don’t Talk Back to Darth Vader…

I try to not spend too much time on YouTube, but some days you just have to browse for fun. Because you might just find something like this, a 3 year-old telling the story of Star Wars. 😆