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26 Aug

Managing XBox 360 Downloadable Content for Rock Band

I’ve been having a great time with Rock Band, it’s probably the game I have spent the most time (and money) playing so far. I downloaded a few freebie songs the other day too, which was a nice bonus. Or at least some of them were. The last song I got was not really that […]

21 Jul

Former Athletes Sue NCAA

I read an article on Yahoo! Sports today that was really eye-opening. (There is a link at the end of this post.) It started out talking about a former UCLA basketball player named Ed O’Bannon. He played in 1995, played for a few years in the NBA, then retired. But EA Sports has made a […]

07 Apr

Buffett Does Rock Band

Last night I downloaded some additional songs for Rock Band 2 including a few from Jimmy Buffett. He recorded some custom lyrics. 😉 At one point he sings something about being a couch potato, and not wanting to do anything other than play Rock Band all day. 😎

08 Mar

Rock Band Update

I’ve scored my first 100% on a song… on hard. 🙂 Granted it was on bass rather than guitar or drums, which seems to be a bit easier, but still. It was 100%. On hard. 😎

04 Mar

Rock Band Rocks!

A few weekends ago one of my old friends from high school came by for a visit. While here he convinced me (it wasn’t too hard) to pick up Rock Band 2 from our local Best Buy. What a fun game this is! 😀 There’s only one problem. I can’t listen to the radio at […]

10 Dec

Woah, XBox goes Wii

I lost my wireless network access point a few months ago, so my XBox 360 has not been calling home to the “mother ship” for quite a while. I got a new access point almost immediately (it’s my cable router too) but didn’t get around to reconfiguring the wireless access for the game console. I […]

03 May

XBox Battery Worn Out in Six Months

Last fall I got an XBox360 for my birthday. Last month I had to buy two new battery packs. Do they really wear out that fast? Most rechargable batteries have a limited number of charge cycles. But I would think that they’re supposed to last more than six months. I’ve eliminated a cable or controller […]

04 Mar

Rest In Peace, Gary Gygax

One of the original Dungeon Masters has passed today. Gary Gygax was an inspiration to many and the game he co-created touched people far and wide. I started playing in 1980. I kept playing through college and beyond. I met some really great people along the way, and remain friends with many. I even have […]

11 Dec

Wokka Wokka

I have never owned a game console. Not ever. I had friends or relatives that had games. I even remember someone with a very early copy of “Pong” and I was fascinated by it. But instead of buying a console and playing at home I tended to go to video arcades and drop in bunches […]

30 Nov

Rats in Paris

I finally got to watch Ratatouille over the Thanksgiving break. It was an enjoyable movie. I don’t think I’ve watched a Pixar film yet that I didn’t like, even if the original premise seemed strange they always seem to pull it off. When I first read about the movie plot (A rat. In Paris. Who […]