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24 Jul

Corvette Racing: ZR-1 #92

Corvettes have often been associated with racing, and ZR-1 #92 is an example of the racing heritage on display at the Smithsonian Museum in Washington DC. This particular car (#92) was modified for endurance racing, and competed in the 24 Hours of Daytona where it finished fourth in its class in 1991. In the same […]

24 Jul

A Corvette Ancestor: the Glasspar

On a recent trip to Washington DC I decided to take some free time and visit the Smithsonian. If you have ever been there yourself, you know that there are a number of buildings; the museum is much too large to fit in one! I had been to the Air and Space museum (one of […]

24 Jul

Five Generations

Update: Yes, there are now six generations of Corvettes. The C6 made its debut as a 2004 model, and has received high marks all around. However, I have elected to leave this page as I originally wrote it back in 2002. The first Corvette rolled off of the assembly lines back in 1953. It was […]