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02 Sep

LSU Wins, Maybe Finds a QB

LSU Logo I wasn’t initially impressed with the showing from LSU. Even after they went up 10-3 on the long run by Broussard, it didn’t feel like a game they were going to win. But much like the last time they were the underdog in a season opener in Jerry World, they eventually prevailed. I thought Miami was initially just going to roll over, but they showed some mental toughness in the second half. I think the exposed some of the younger LSU players for, well, being young and inexperienced. They’ll have to grow up fast in the SEC.

I was mostly impressed with our transfer QB. I’m going to withhold final judgement until I’ve seen another couple of games, but he seemed good at hitting open receivers (and there were a lot of open receivers) but he also was able to put the ball into tight spots on occasion. Most importantly, he didn’t get taken advantage of. There was one nearly certain interception that would have been reversed on a “roughing the passer” call, but other than that he played well.

Until they mentioned it during the telecast I had no idea that LSU had tied a record for fewest turnovers in a season (eight) last year. They started out well with zero tonight.

Next up for LSU is a “directional school” who they really should beat. Then again, they should have beat Troy last year, so let’s not count our victories before the final gun sounds, shall we?

Geaux Tigers!

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