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04 Aug

End of an Era

The Sunset Vette is gone. 🙁

A few years ago (yes, it has been that long, I’ve been trying to decide what to do with this blog) I was negotiating to buy a new truck. My old truck was mechanically sound; the diesel engine they put in the Dodge trucks is amazing. But I was having electrical problems. Little things like the right tail light would burn out frequently. Bigger things like the connection for one of the trailers I wanted to be able to pull would not work; no lights, no brakes, nothing. Annoying but also sometimes funny things like when I would hit a bump or turn the steering wheel to make a turn my radio would change stations. 😆 Anyway, despite there being plenty of life left in the drive train I decided to take advantage of a special offer presented by my dealer.

Side note: I have two sons. One of them was just starting to learn to drive at this same time.

Long story short, I traded in my old truck and my car on my new truck, partially to get the cash outlay down to a more manageable amount, but mostly to avoid having to carry two teenage boys on my car insurance with a Corvette in the garage. 😯

All this means I have been Vette-less for about two years.

But the blog will continue, for anyone out there listening. We’ll see what happens.

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