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07 Mar

Corvette Fuel System Issue

For some time now, I have noticed a significant issue with fuel odor after filling the tank. It was especially noticeable in the early morning after the car had been shut in the garage overnight. Yesterday I got my car inspected (making it legal to drive again) and this morning I dropped it off at the shop. I just got “the call” with the results.

There is a crack in the cross-over tube between the two tanks. Because the fuel system is kept pressurized, when the tanks were both full that meant that fuel was basically leaking out inside the car and then evaporating. That’s not the only news. While I was waiting for the shuttle van to take me to work, the service tech came over to me and asked if I had checked my tires lately. Well, no, because I had less than 5,000 miles on them. It turns out that my front-end alignment was completely out of wack, and the passenger tire was bald on the inside and the driver tire was down to fibers showing.

So here I was, driving to work on one bald tire and one with fibers showing, with gas fumes collecting behind the seat. 😯 Not a fun place to be. I’m fortunate that the two issues are both being fixed, and that nobody got hurt.


I did find this article that details the Corvette fuel system. It’s an interesting read. I knew there were two tanks, but seeing the actual system diagrams was interesting.

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