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05 Aug

Sunset Vette Ten Year Anniversary

Here we are, passing through the summer of 2011, and my car is now ten years old. I first discovered during the summer of 2000 when my wife decided to let me start shopping for my first real Corvette. Two significant events came out of that exposure. The first, of course, is that I purchased a brand new 2001 Magnetic Red Corvette from a dealer in Alabama. I now have many wonderful memories of trips and experiences in my car that I would not have had otherwise. (Still on the list is a trip to the National Corvette Museum; somehow I have not made it there yet.)

The second significant event came about as a direct result of my exposure to the “new” bulletin board format used by that forum. They used software from UBB at the time (they have since switched to vBulletin). At about the same time I was participating in a mailing list about a particular software product that I was consulting on, and the list was outgrowing the email format. Long story short: based on my positive experience with the Corvette forum I gathered a group of folks from the mailing list and we founded a new discussion board site to replace the mailing list. The site launched in 2002 and is still going strong today.

As is the Sunset Vette. Over ten years later, and I have accumulated approximately 42,000 miles.

I think I’ll go out for a drive later today. 😎

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