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17 Aug

1963 Was A Good Year…

I have been collecting the Time Life “Classic Rock” series of compact discs these last few months. It’s a fun hobby. 🙂 I started with the 70’s and 80’s and then started extending back into the 60’s. Time Life is not much different from other “series” collectables. Once they find something that sells they will keep going back to the well until they can’t sell any more. As a result we have the year hit album “1970” which was later followed by “1970 – Take Two.” For the 60’s we have “1964 Classic Rock” followed by “1964 The Beat Goes On.” 😆 What does this have to do with anything?

For each year they put something on the cover that indicates or at least is associated with that year. For 1963 they had first (of course) “1963”, then followed by “1963: Still Rockin'” as the next choice. Look what is on the cover of the second 1963 disc.

Time Life Still Rockin' Disc Cover Art

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