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26 Aug

Managing XBox 360 Downloadable Content for Rock Band

I’ve been having a great time with Rock Band, it’s probably the game I have spent the most time (and money) playing so far. I downloaded a few freebie songs the other day too, which was a nice bonus. Or at least some of them were. The last song I got was not really that interesting as I assume it’s mostly a joke song from Stephen and the Colberts. I didn’t worry about it as I figured I would just ignore it, but it came up in a setlist so I had to play it again.

Thus, the quest. 🙂 How can I remove a song from my library of downloaded material?

I spent a while with google looking for tips. Unfortunately most of what I found was written before the XBox interface got wii-ified, so the choices were not the same. Even if I found instructions that seemed to fit they weren’t working for me. Ultimately I found a brief note from someone that said to clean up my downloaded material I had to select “Rock Band” as the game title rather than “Rock Band 2” after I opened up my hard drive settings. I figured that couldn’t work, since I was downloading songs for Rock Band 2, but when I followed those instructions I found all of the songs that I had downloaded were there.

There was the song, and a few button clicks later it was gone. 😎

As a bonus, I also learned during the search process that I can browse downloadable songs from within the game itself, and that lets me see what the difficulty ratings are as well as check out a preview of the song too. I finally realized that “Baba O’Reilly” by The Who was really “Teenage Wastland” that way. 😆

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