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11 Dec

Wokka Wokka

I have never owned a game console. Not ever. I had friends or relatives that had games. I even remember someone with a very early copy of “Pong” and I was fascinated by it. But instead of buying a console and playing at home I tended to go to video arcades and drop in bunches of quarters. One of my memories from college was setting a high score on a Pac-Man machine… I think it was over 180,000 points or something like that. I think the “wokka-wokka” sound is one of the most recognizable video game sounds ever created. 😀

Fast forward to now. I got an Xbox 360. I don’t know whether to type XBOX or xbox or XBox or xBox or what, so I will go with XBox 360 and assume that everyone knows what I am talking about.

My wife suggested that she might get me an XBox for my Christmas present last year, and I asked her to do something different instead. I have a lot of demands on my time and I didn’t think getting a game console would have helped that. So what changed this year?

Our boys are a year older, and they’ve been playing some computer games (they have their own computer with some age-appropriate games) and doing fairly well. I thought that we could get some games for the XBox that would be appropriate and it would be something we could do together as a family. There are also some rather sedate arcade games that my wife would enjoy, or so I thought. So we picked up an XBox a few weeks ago.

So far everything that I envisioned has come true. The boys and I have been playing Cars (from the Pixar movie) and having a great time. I’ve played a little bit of Forza 2 (it came with the purchase) and am bidding on a Microsoft Wheel on eBay to enhance that experience. My wife has played Hexic and Bejeweled, and enjoys them both.

And yes, I have wasted entirely too much time enjoyed playing a game or two myself over the past few weeks.

Now I just have to get set up with a wireless adapter so I can get rid of the network cable snaking from the living room into the office…

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