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30 Nov

Rats in Paris

I finally got to watch Ratatouille over the Thanksgiving break. It was an enjoyable movie. I don’t think I’ve watched a Pixar film yet that I didn’t like, even if the original premise seemed strange they always seem to pull it off. When I first read about the movie plot (A rat. In Paris. Who is a chef?) I will admit to being very skeptical. But it really was a good story.

The hard part was finding out which character was voiced by John Ratzenberger this time. 🙂 He played Mustafa (a play on Mufasa from the Lion King?), the waiter in the restaurant. You may or may not have realized this, but John Ratzenberger (best known as “Cliff the mailman” from Cheers) has voiced a character in every single Pixar film released so far. Mufasa was, of course, voiced by James Earl Jones, and was the original lion king from the Disney movie from several years back. Disney has sinced purchased Pixar (for 8 billion with a “B” dollars) and so I am curious if this was an attempt at an inside joke of some sort.

The parts that John Ratzenberger has voiced in each Pixar movie to date (in reverse chronological order) are:

Ratatoiille – Mustafa, the head waiter
Cars – Mack, the truck
Incredibles – Underminer
Finding Nemo – School of fish
Monsters, Inc. – Abominable Snowman
Toy Story 2 – Hamm the piggy bank
Bug’s Life – P. T. Flea

Come to think of it, it was a natural for “Ratz”enberger to voice a character in a movie about rats in Paris, right? 😆

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